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released October 31, 2016

Darrin Luathca
(6 String Guitars / Vocals / Organ Generator)
Joker Lokison
(4 & 8 String Bass Guitar / 6 String Guitar / Ebo / Vocals / Moog Synthesizer / Therimin / Bells)
Jeffrey Mhaghnuis
(Drums & Percussion / Vocals / Spells / Programming / Keyboards)

Recorded at Ensomberroom Studios, Fort Wayne, IN
Engineered by Geoff Montegomery
January 3rd, March 21st,
December 2015, January & February 2016 at Temple Studios, Fort Wayne, IN
Engineered by J. Mhaghnuis
Produced by J. Mhaghnuis
Mixed & Mastered at Temple Studios, Fort Wayne, IN by J. Mhaghnuis
February, 2016

Spoken Word by Augustus Sol Invictus
Cover art by Mark Rudolph
Logos & Sigil by J. Mhaghnuis



all rights reserved


PTAHIL Fort Wayne, Indiana

PTAHIL's involvement is Illumination through Satanic Gnosticism!
Music charged with adversarial ritual and spirituality.
Sworn to Chaos and the perpetuation towards the death of ALL life.
Lyrically manuscripted from Satanic introspection and musically composed from dissonant flagellation.
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Track Name: From the Deep Death - I. (Reflective Shamanism)
(Reflective Shamanism)
We are the present,
looking in the eyes
that is the future
of the past.

Catastrophe is constant.
As all living things grow and die.
Motion microcosmed
towards the outer most reaches of space and mind.

Seeing into the future
is seeing a distant past.
It makes itself felt.
It makes itself known.
We will all die off
and be reborn.
To be trapped
or exonerated?
Riots of upheaval felt
in all species great and small.
Ever constant momentum
A great dying followed by great awakening.
Track Name: From the Deep Death - II. (Psychedelic Menstrual Rhythm)
(Psychedelic Menstrual Rhythm)
Track Name: From the Deep Death - III. (Supernal Ceremony)
(Supernal Ceremony)
So what can one do
caught as a leaf in the winds of time?
So what can one do
imprisoned within this Malkuth?
I will set my soul free!
I will illuminate my spirit!
From this dirty earth, this ashen realm - I will set my soul free!
To be as fire lighting a dark path - I will illuminate my spirit!
Track Name: Priesthood of the Elite Solar Season - I. (Savior of Suffering Flesh)
(Savior of Suffering Flesh)
And what price must be paid
by the generations of mankind
to give the devil his due?
Faith in material utopias
grow and die quickly.
Supernal aspirations
raise a dark face towards the sky.
Bow to your savior
of suffering flesh.
With his sacrifice
you're free of responsibility.
Praise! Oh, Terrible God!
Who resurrects deified corpses.
Bow to your savior
of suffering flesh.
With his sacrifice
you were never free.
Praise! Oh, Terrible God!
Track Name: Desacralizing in the Name of a Monotheistic and Monetized God - I. (Genocide and Suppression)
(Genocide and Suppression)
Machines run through the wall of time.
Species destroyed in their wake.
Manipulating the sciences.
Mankind seals it's fate.
(And what can be said about that? HA!
Man's inhumanity towards life defines the comedy of errors.)
Who pays for the crimes of humanity?
Who pays for the crimes?
Families turned into broken cogs
of a flawed machine.
Sheep for their masters biding.
Humans make the sacrifice
of their freedom for a dream
attained by complacency.
So who pays the price
for the crimes of mankind
if not every living thing?
Every living thing.
You'll pay for the crimes of humanity.
You'll pay for the crimes.
You'll pay for the families broken
in the name of your flawed machine.
Suppressing masses with fear.
Genocide those they can't control.
The burning corpses, a warning.
To all those that oppose.
And to those that oppose
(with) the black fire inside them.
The fire will consume them
and set them free... / ...and set you free.
Civil unrest to the nations of the world.
Global upheaval towards it's parasites.
Revolt against the gravity that keeps you down.
Rebel against the God promising your salvation.
Reject everything for its failure.
As this world is a flawed piece of nothing in the sky.
Rejoice in learning that this is not the end.
Death is a doorway that all life enters in.
Grant yourself freedom.
Give in to Death.
Go the path of Death
and see your own doom.
Meditate on that
and slay your fear.
Track Name: Kaos Rising - I. (Technological Hallucinations within the Kaos Ritual)
(Technological Hallucinations within the Kaos Ritual)
"We believe in the Almighty Chaos
Mother of Matter and Aether
Nothing is True
Everything Permitted
There is no God but Chaos
The Pact, its Ministry on Earth
There is no Being
All is Doing
There is no Self
We do all the Gods and Goddesses
Freedom over "truth"
Probability Rules, Chaos Reigns
Pestilential Religions, Putrid Ideologies
To Entropy! Make my Aeon!
We are its Staff, Sword, Chalice, and Shield
We Know, We Will, We Dare, and we are Devious
Today the World
Tomorrow the Solar System
We Immanentize the Eschaton!
We Invoke the Pandaemonaeon!"
(A Chaoist Catechism from The Jihad of Chaos)
Track Name: Kaos Rising - II. (Rejecting the Future)
(Rejecting the Future)
Past Aeonic tendencies merge into one great end.
Reject the future of a world that does not want saved.
Reject the future!